• Certified to EN1621-2 Level 2
  • Kevlar® stitching
  • Heat activated 3D body moulding
  • RPT (Repeat Performance Technology)
  • Soft, comfortable and non-restrictive
  • Flexible layering system
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • High energy absorption
  • Adjustable 3 point waist fastening and shoulder straps


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The Pro L2K Dynamic is the latest in a successful line of ground-breaking variations of the Pro L2 back protector, spanning 14 years. This CE2 back protector is now built with a softer and more pliable moulded first protection layer, so it 3D moulds and shapes faster, giving more comfort without compromising on safety.

The Pro L2K Dynamic passes the CE2 test at an amazingly high protection level, with Forcefield DRI-M Technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Materials) integrated throughout. It fits close to the body, 3D custom moulding to the wearer’s shape almost immediately. It has the ability to withstand multiple impacts, and contains hundreds of breathable vent holes throughout to help maintain body temperature. The multi-layered technical materials are held together with Kevlar® thread for added security and strength.



The Pro L2K Dynamic has been engineered to offer the maximum in terms of safety and protection, and is super comfortable and extremely durable.

It stands the test of time. The versatility that this product gives is huge; it can be used on road, on track, touring, commuting, super-moto, and adventure.
Product Code: FF1042
Sizes Available: Men’s: Small, Medium, Large. Ladies: Medium (waist band position 50mm higher)
​CE: EN1621-2 Level 2 (Back)


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  • Certified to EN1621-2 Level 2
  • The world's first motorcycle back protector to transmit less than 4kN when subjected to the CE test EN1621-2
  • Now with Kevlar
  • Removable & washable outer cover
  • Heat activated 3D body moulding
  • RPT (Repeat Performance Technology)
  • Comfortable and non restrictive
  • Flexible
  • Breathable
  • Moulds to body shape
  • Adjustable waist and shoulder straps
  • Sizes available: S, M, L, XL


CHEST PROTECTOR £39.99 - £64.99



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  • Certified to EN1621-2 Level 2
  • All new back protector
  • Super lightweight
  • ‘Free fitting’ CE2 armour layering system
  • Specially cut to maximise flexibility
  • Non restrictive and breathable construction
  • Height adjustable, 3-point fastening waistband
  • Heat activated 3D body moulding
  • Repeat Performance Technology (RPT)
  • DRI-M technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Material)
  • Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large


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The FreeLite is a new addition to the Forcefield back protector range.

The FreeLite back protector takes comfort to the next level. While still offering CE Level 2 performance and Repeat Performance Technology (RPT), the new ‘free fitting’ back protector offers even more breathability, flexibility and at minimal weight.

Using the very latest cutting techniques and clever design the ‘free fitting’ armour shapes to the body perfectly, offering huge flexibility and no restriction when moving around on the motorcycle.

Secure adjustable waist band and elastic shoulder straps keep the FreeLite in place.
Product Code: FF1054
Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large
​CE: EN1621-2 Level 2 (Back).