About Us

Road Racing

We have been avid Road Race fans and are quite often will be closed while the racing is on. Ring before arrival.

We sell many race items, race approved helmets, fairings, paddock stand tyre warmers plus much more.

We are active in organisational roles in running the Enniskillen Road Race, as active members in the local road racing club. 

Short Circuit Racing

We are active in supporting newcomers into the sport and again can supply any items to get you started

Family Time

We are a small family run business and operate opening hours around family life, we can open all hours to suit you, but we can be out during certain times of the day. Please call 07484739152 for access. We are space limited so we do not carry everything in stock so anything you need can be ordered and usually in within 2 days*. Thank you for your custom ad if there is anything you need please call.